Pic 2About our company

MG Publications  Mercantile Gazette Marketing Ltd  is a long-established business which has published commercial information for the New Zealand business community since 1876.

Based in Christchurch, the company publishes an extensive range of magazines, both in hard copy and in digital format via the internet.

We all know  from time to time issues can occur on Internet sites then kindly use our contact page and email for your subscription or enquiries. Thank you

Our publications include the company’s flagship MG and The Mercantile Gazette) which has easily referenced district court information searched by our team of agents across the country, and companies office data, including new company formations. The publication includes articles for hands-on business people, including timely editorial affecting people in business across New Zealand..


Other publications include:

• NZ Shipping Gazette – a weekly publication on shipping movements and local and overseas news.

• NZ Tenders  – a weekly  Internet publication covering tenders called and building consents.

• The Headliner – investment letter, fortnightly – covering share market intelligence, family money and currencies.

• The NZ Company Register – an annual register covering companies listed on the NZ Stock Exchange and some of the Australian Exchange.

The company has four websites and will build more as the demand for immediate news increases. Typesetting and design is carried out in-house to ensure the fast turnaround of news and information by experienced staff, with up-to-date technology.